Advertising 101: Deadlines are not Elastic

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Advertising 101: Deadlines don’t change at the last minute, so why wait till the day of delivery to state that to clients? It always surprises me to hear a certain timbre of frustration in clients’ voices when speaking about this topic in reference to their agencies. How complicated can this be? Our business is based on creativity and deadlines. Advertising 101 is all about meeting both of these requirements is what solidifies sound working partnerships and relationships.

advertising 101

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The philosophy at my agency has always been to be transparent with our clients. If we are brought into a project and briefed with a set deadline that we feel we cannot meet based on our quality standard and the mandate, we will say so right there. That’s exercising Advertising 101 for relationship building. Nothing is worse than accepting a project and not respecting the time commitment, and in fact, letting down your client. That is setting up your team for failure. At times it hasn’t been easy, but with our process efficiencies, knowledge and talent, we can proudly say we have never missed a deadline in over 20 years… and that really means that we have never failed our clients.

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